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Worship Team Intensive

At times even the strongest worship teams find themselves not moving forward in their strengths. Rather than send your entire team away for a conference, Shelly will come to your local church and work with your Worship Leader and Worship Team. She will bring foundational teachings that address: Defining  Worship, Spiritual Formation and Intercommunication. This enriching experience will help revitalize the entire team and refocus their outlook by answering the big question: “Why do we do what we do?”


Using her understanding of team dynamics and awareness of the many potential roadblocks, Shelly empowers Worship Teams to be the best they can be and above all to be Spirit led.

She is committed to seeing your team take a step forward to thrive for the Kingdom of God in order to minister and lead with strength and integrity.


Additional teachings are offered, customized to your church’s needs, including: Vocal Training, Stage Presence, Prophetic Worship, Worship Leader Training, and Band Camp.



“This spoke to me exactly where I needed it to...unexpectedly!”​

“The spirit Shelly has is so contagious!”​

“Very thought provoking, but more than that, soul provoking.”


“The knowledge we gained from the teaching and vocal training has made us a better team.”


“Everything hit home and opened my eyes to new things to work on!”


“God was definitely present!”


“Our team benefited greatly from Shelly’s training. Not only did she help us connect with the Lord...she helped us connect with each other as a team.”

- Bailey Alexander, Director of Redemptive Arts, The Refinery Church -



“Transformational. Anointed. Prophetic. Inspirational… When Shelly starts to lead or instruct in worship, people will quickly be brought into the presence of Jesus.”

- Rob McCorkle, Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene -



“...passionate, articulate, talented and a centered follower of Jesus. I highly recommend Shelly if your church needs help developing a worship culture.”

- Brad Kochis, Pastor, The Refinery Church -



“...Shelly is a student of the word...Theologically, she is spot on."

- Phil Hurlburt, Pastor, State Road Community -


“Shelly Head is a worshiper! This is the foundation on which her music leadership and instruction is built.”

- Nathan Ward, Pastor, Wooster Nazarene -

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