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Over the 20 plus years she has been leading worship, Shelly has watched the role of the worship leader grow and expand into much more of a ministerial one. Worship leaders today have the demanding job of keeping up with current musical styles yet remembering the roots of worship in the church and striking a balance between the two. They carry the tremendous responsibility of placing words on the lips of the church that help to express and even form theology. She realizes this is a role that cannot be taken lightly!


Shelly is answering God’s call to use her years of experience to remind the church what it means to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Whether Leading Worship, Preaching, Speaking or Teaching “Worship Team Intensives,” she points back to the foundational Biblical truths of worship - connecting man and God.


"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” John 4:24 NIV


When not traveling, Shelly serves as an active part of the worship team in her home church in Wooster, Ohio. People trust her for her consistency, vulnerability and obedience to the gospel. She prays hard, loves hard and leads with her whole heart. Churches consistently say that they are refreshed and challenged by her ministry.


Shelly’s availability and versatility cover a wide range of needs for your local congregation or district events, including...


• Leading Worship 

• Preaching

• Teaching

• Women’s Retreats (Worship and/or Speaking)

• Worship Team Intensive

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